Earlier today, the Trump War Room shared clips of far-left MSNBC interviewing Trump supporters in Minnesota. One of the videos they shared was of an interview with Kalley Erickson, a young female who is clearly confident in her decision to vote for Trump in 2020.

The MSNBC reporter asks Erickson, “What are some of the things you think he’s [President Trump] done?”  The reporter was taken off guard when the female Trump supporter had a laundry list of Trump’s accomplishments ready to share with his audience, including some of the key policies Trump has implemented to specifically help Black Americans, and how he’s effectively dealt with the COVID pandemic. Near the end of her commentary, the young, female Trump supporter calls out Democrats for their hypocrisy regarding Trump.


  • Robin Phillips says:

    POTUS Trump has put many of his predecessors to shame with what he has done for the people of the USA. His strong push back against China is more than necessary!

  • Christa McCullen says:

    Good for her. Surprised MSNBC didn’t cut her off!