Donna Brazile sparred with Lawrence Jones over the fitness of former Vice President Joe Biden on Fox News’ “The Five.”

Jones argued that Biden was not able to defend his own ideology while Brazile accused Jones of attempting to “whitewash and airbrush” everything President Donald Trump said.

Brazile began by arguing that Biden had already proved his fitness by participating in 12 Democratic primary debates and dozens of interviews throughout the course of the campaign. “Maybe he doesn’t answer the questions the way you like to hear the answer but he is capable of holding his own,” she said.

“Like when he said last week that black folks weren’t diverse,” Jones cut in.

“Lawrence, if I comment on everything President Trump has said over the last four years —” Brazile replied.

Jones said that he does comment on the things that Trump has said, but Brazile disagreed.

“You don’t. You whitewash and airbrush what Trump says every day,” she said.

“No, I don’t. Actually I don’t,” Jones pushed back.

Jones went on to say that the insistence on turning every criticism of Biden into a criticism of Trump — rather than a legitimate defense — showed that the former vice president was not ready for the coming campaign.

“This is why Biden isn’t ready. Because every single time we have a conversation about Biden, his surrogates and people who support him go to President Trump,” Jones explained. “He’s got to be able to defend what is ideology is, but he doesn’t.”

“Lawrence, have me on your show and I can break it down so well,” Brazile pushed back. “When you talk about Joe Biden and his racism, I can tell you about Trump and his racism. Because it’s white supremacy we are fighting, not just white candidates. I’m ready for you.”


  • Crl77 says:

    Donna, are you going to give Biden debate questions like you did for Hillary?

  • Alan Doud says:

    She did say that, “Just like President Trump was doing the job.” A democrat admitting that President Trump is doing his job.

  • Jerry Conner says:

    I think it’s time for Donna to go she’s bringing up White Supremacy, that’s not what I want to listen to. A lot of blacks allow themselves to be victims of all this crap, they have rode this horse to death, many times. It’s time to start standing on their on two feet, and take some proud in who they are.