Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tore into Juan Williams on Friday’s “The Five” after his co-host tried to blame President Donald Trump for inner-city violence.

Gutfeld had just concluded a monologue slamming white antifa “laughable losers” and stating that he had more in common with “black winners than white losers.”

“What ties us together is achievement and not grievance,” Gutfeld said. “So white winners and black winners are on the same side, and stay away from the white losers because they are poisoning the minds of everybody. That will end racism if all the winners of every race and color joined together and laugh at the losers.”

Stating he was there to “defend” his “white brothers,” Williams launched into Trump’s lack of messaging on what his second-term agenda would be.

When co-host Jesse Watters tried to insert the reality of burning cities, Williams went back to groups “abandoning Trump,” who is “engaged in these kinds of horrible imagery and language because he doesn’t have a message.”

“He’s not killing people in Chicago,” Gutfeld insisted. “He’s not looting, Juan. These things are actually real. They’re not fantasies. True, he could do a better job. He could do a better job facing these problems. We agree with that, but you can’t lay those problems on him as somehow he is conjuring this stuff up in order to win an election.”

“This stuff is real,” he continued. “People are suffering, Juan. They’re suffering in Chicago, they’re suffering in Minneapolis, they’re suffering in New York, they’re suffering in Atlanta, they’re suffering in Dallas, they’re suffering in California, and you go, ‘isolated incidents.’ Wake up, Juan! You’ve got to wake up to this and start helping your party face the truth.”

“I think the truth is we have had black on black crime in this country for a long time and I think the incumbent is Donald Trump,” Williams shot back. “If he was about healing, reconciliation, if he was doing something to deal with those problems, maybe he would have a better case. Maybe he would have something to say about bringing Americans together.”


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  • Alan Doud says:

    Confusing to me how anyone could believe Juan’s rhetoric even himself. How does one with his reasoning get into influential positions? Does he even realize how stupid his orator sounds. He even tries to defend it with black on black crime has gone on for a long time and than blame that on Trump. It has been going on for decades long before Trump.

  • charles roberts says:

    I’ve written the Five several times to eliminate Juan. He’s been on the Hate Trump choo choo train since the President was elected. That’s why I don’t watch it. I can anticipate what Juan says. The President could make Juan better looking, and he would still hate him.

  • Tom says:

    Too bad we haven’t had a black president who could have done something about black on black crime and racism. Oh, wait.