It’s happening, folks.

Yes, it’s a baby-step, but it matters.

Premier Soccer League is the first sports organization that has removed the “Black Lives Matter” badge from their uniform.

Yes, they’re still kneeling and doing a bunch of unpopular SJW garbage, but it’s very, very significant that the “BLM” badge has been removed from their uniforms.

The group says that certain positions that BLM holds, like “defund the police,” have proved “uncomfortable” for the league.

  • Hoss says:

    They didn’t actually need to remove “Black Lives Matter”, they just needed to add below it “But Not More Than Other Lives”.

  • JesusBuddahMohammed says:

    Fortunately, the right wing cop murderers have not caught on. The Right is starting violence just to make the left look bad. So many “boogaloo” and other alt-right groups are starting fires (and murdering cops) to make the left look bad.