The owner of an Illinois cigar shop said that he didn’t want business from anyone who voted for President-elect Joe Biden, according to CBS2.

Shaun Thompson, who has owned the Elmhurst Cigar House for the past six years, posted a sign outside of his business that reads: “Biden Voters Keep Out!” according to a Monday report from CBS 2.

“I find it really, truly appalling – pretty much that I would like to say out and not go in,” a woman told the local outlet. “I find it horrible.”

“I find that offensive,” another woman said to CBS2. “I’m a Trump supporter, so if somebody put ‘Trump supporters stay out,’ I wouldn’t, you know, find that a very kind thing to put out.”

Thompson defended his view to CBS 2, telling the station his anti-Biden stance is no laughing matter.

“I don’t want them anyway. I don’t want them in there, and I don’t to have to pretend that they have respect for me,” Thompson said to the outlet, “so I’m going to show disrespect for them.”

He also told the affiliate that he doesn’t want anyone who voted for Biden to come into his store or anywhere near him, and to tell their friends this policy as well.

Thompson had never put up signs in political protest, but after the presidential election in November, he said he felt it was the time to do so, according to CBS 2.

This is an excerpt from the Daily Caller.

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