Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania is standing by his decision to object to the state’s 2020 election results, even after last week’s Capitol incursion.

According to the York Daily Record, Perry was among several Pennsylvania congressmen who, prior to Wednesday’s vote on certifying the Electoral College results, said that Pennsylvania officials acted in an unconstitutional manner.

Even after the incursion, which he deplored, the congressman stood by his objection.

Perry’s resolve resulted in calls for him to be removed from his office.

“We want him to resign or be expelled from the House,” said Marta Peck, a member of the progressive group Indivisible York, which marched in protest of Perry on Monday in York, Pennsylvania, according to PennLive.

“He’s a man who does not tell the truth then foments doubt and fuels people who are seditionists. In doing that he is guilty of sedition.”

“We’ve always had concerns about Perry but in particular after early December when he announced he would object to the electoral votes from Pennsylvania. He made that real clear,” Peck continued.

“He’s tried to couch it saying ‘I’m a patriotic citizen.’ He’s a retired military man. A member of Congress sworn to defend the constitution from enemies domestic and foreign.”

But Perry refused to back down.

“Folks, just wanted to share my official statement answering the cancel culture crowd calling for my resignation… #cancelculture,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Perry linked to a statement on his official website that explained his position on resigning.

The news release only contained one word: “No.”

Perry authored an Op-Ed in the York Daily Record that further explained his reason for standing by his objections to the election results, even after the incursion altered the course of America’s political culture.

“Not unlike my condemnation of the lawless destruction over the summer — and the lack of accountability — lest anyone mistake the actions of those who choose to incite violence as a means to redress their grievances, the actions at our Capitol were unacceptable and criminal, and those who are proven to have perpetrated these crimes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Perry wrote.

“We are a nation of laws. The Rule of Law matters; which is why I carried forth an objection during the Joint Session of Congress early Thursday morning,” he continued, noting the time after the incursion when the House reconvened to certify election results.

“It also represented the voices of state elected officials who knew that constitutional violations occurred in Pennsylvania‘s electoral process — strong enough in both allegation and proof to at least warrant further investigation before certifying the electoral votes.”

This is an excerpt from The Western Journal.

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