It turns out that allowing people to leave their homes and go to work produces positive results. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has bucked the trend of closing down businesses during the pandemic because she saw that it would do more harm than good.

And her decision has paid off. South Dakota’s unemployment rate experienced an impressive drop.

Noem has defended her decision-making even after lectures from leftist media personalities like Rachel Maddow who tried to paint her as an uncaring leader.

“Stop spreading fear,” Noem told Maddow on Twitter in September. “Only 8% of South Dakota’s hospital beds are occupied by COVID patients. We have and will continue to manage our resources to care for the people who need help. The people of South Dakota have accomplished this WITHOUT draconian lockdowns.”

Gov. Noem explained that while it may look like other states are being more aggressive about the virus, the data just doesn’t justify all the restrictive mandates. In Wisconsin, where there’s been a mask mandate since August, they have a higher rate of spread than South Dakota. The same with Montana.

“There are many states that do have mask mandates in place and some that do not, but I look at their rate of spread and the fact is, is that cases are increasing in many of those states as well,” Noem said at a press conference.

“I don’t want to approach a policy or a mandate just looking to make people feel good,” Noem said regarding calls for a statewide mandate. “I want to do good and actually put forward provisions that make a difference for these families and these local communities have some flexibility today, that Sioux Falls can make a different decision than Rapid City, Rapid City can make a different decision than Lemon, South Dakota.”

“That’s what some of these local leaders are doing in reacting to the people of the community based on what they want,” she added.

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  • STANDING4whatsright says:

    DAMN another one who refuses to take orders and protects her state and the people in it. How can anyone argue about that and where is the news media on this award winning game plan. Oh thats right they are not unbiased any more so when will charges be brought up on them for all the False reporting they have done.Oh one more thing the two that are playing president and vp president why are they not spreading the good news and only play acting on what president Trump has already done,just another thought is all