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The Rev. Franklin Graham gave President Donald Trump a ringing endorsement a week before the election in a viral Facebook post Monday about voting.

Graham, who has defended the president from the never-ending barrage of attacks from the establishment media throughout the last four years, offered an impassioned description of Trump’s legacy for the country in just one term in office.

“There was an article I read a few days ago that said President Trump had changed the world, even if he didn’t win the next election. I thought about that from a Christian perspective, and how true that headline really is,” Graham wrote.

“Already in his first term, President Trump has appointed close to 200 constitutionalist federal judges,” he wrote. “With Amy Coney Barrett, he will have appointed three conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices. These actions alone will have an impact on not only my generation, but the lives of my children and grandchildren.”

But the son of iconic evangelist Billy Graham also cited Trump’s defense of faith and religious liberty throughout his presidency.

“President Trump has defended religious freedom here at home and around the world, and he boldly declared to the nation that the church is ‘essential’ during this pandemic,” he wrote.

Graham also praised Trump’s historic impact on peace in the Middle East.

“Here in the final hours before the 2020 election, he has brokered peace agreements between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan — and reports say that Saudi Arabia is in the pipeline to recognize Israel,” he wrote.

“This is unprecedented. Any other president would have probably received the Nobel Peace Prize for this — and he should have. President Trump was also the first president to keep his promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.”

There was an article I read a few days ago that said President Trump had changed the world, even if he didn’t win the…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Monday, October 26, 2020 

Graham argued that despite the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are better of today than they were four years ago.

That assertion is backed up by a recent Gallup survey that found 56 percent of respondents said they believe they are better off now compared with where they were in 2016.

Graham cited low taxes, energy independence and record economic growth under Trump’s leadership for this.

  • joan smitley says:

    Trump has done a lot for this country and if elected Joe Biden will ruin our country and set us back from what Donald Trump has done for our country

  • Curtis Szymczyk says:

    I have always voted by looking at platform ideas and looking at those who stand behind the candidate. God bless you Rev. Graham for standing with Pres. Trump. God bless Pres. Trump and family for your love for our country. He is not perfect and neither are any one of us, but I believe his heart is in the right place. And God Bless America!