Prominent firearm advocate Dana Loesch was not simply at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference to sing the praises of Republican legislators.

She was there to defend her prized Second Amendment — and Saturday afternoon, that meant speaking earnestly about “well-intentioned” conservatives she worried would cave to a Democratic majority in the coming years on gun control.

“Just because somebody has an ‘R’ by their name doesn’t mean that they know gun law, doesn’t mean that they know guns. And it shouldn’t be assumed that they do either,” Loesch told The Western Journal just after her panel appearance at the Hyatt Regency conference center in Orlando, Florida.

The former Nation Rifle Association spokeswoman went on to express concern that “some who might also be well-intentioned are misguided in supporting” what the left has long referred to as comprehensive gun control.

Among the Republicans Loesch named just one legislator: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who reintroduced legislation this month that would give law enforcement the power to delay firearm purchases and transfers to anyone flagged for a terror investigation by federal intelligence agencies in the last 10 years, whether the investigation resulted in an arrest or not.

“There are a few things that I’m concerned about,” she said. “Marco Rubio’s bill that I discussed on stage is a concern to me because, I mean, I know that he’s not a nefarious person and he has good intentions, but it’s just misguided.”

In response, the organizer advocated, as she often does, that the American people push the issue, elevating the Second Amendment to the level of importance that it deserves.

The suggestion falls on active ears already, however, with 2 million guns sold nationwide in January, according to The Washington Post. Those sales represent a roughly 80 percent increase over the past January, making it the third-largest month in the history of American gun sales.

“This is an issue that’s cut and dry,” Loesch said. “You either support the Second Amendment or you don’t support the Second Amendment.”

“I do hope that Republicans stand their ground, so to speak, no pun intended. I do hope that they stand their ground,” she said.

“But people are going to need to make themselves heard. And considering that we’ve had a record number of firearm sales just in the first six months of 2020 alone, and this year looks to top it, we’re not short of people who believe this way, but we need more people to be vocal about it.”

This is an excerpt from The Western Journal.

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