President Donald Trump on Monday abruptly left a press conference after what appeared to be a Secret Service agent approached the podium and spoke into his ear.

“Excuse me?” Trump said as the press conference was interrupted.

The president left the podium and the briefing doors were locked after he exited.

After speaking quietly with the Secret Service, the president returned to the briefing room after a few minutes to inform them that there was a shooting of an armed suspect outside the White House.

“There was an actual shooting, someone has been taken to the hospital … seems like the person was shot by Secret Service,” Trump said. He also confirmed that the suspect was armed.

He thanked Secret Service for acting quickly to protect the area.

“I feel very safe with Secret Service … they are the best of the best,” Trump said.

The president said that Secret Service would brief reporters about the shooting after the press conference.

“You were surprised. I was surprised also. I think it’s probably pretty unusual,” Trump said.

When a reporter asked the president if he was “rattled,” Trump replied, “I don’t know, do I seem rattled?”

He noted that the world was always a “dangerous place” but again thanked Secret Service for protecting him.

When a reporter asked him why he returned, Trump replied, “Well I didn’t even think about not coming back.”

The Secret Service confirmed the shooting on Twitter.

  • Peggy says:

    Thankful for secret service!! God bless President Trump and the Secret Service.

  • TimothyF7 says:

    This is entirely on the DNC controlled MSM! They are constantly misrepresenting the President, driving divisiveness, and encouraging violence.

  • Dave says:

    This is a much different picture that was painted by the mainstream media. They said the President Trump abruptly just left the presser. They never mentioned once that the Secret Service came and interrupted the presser and took him away. They also never mentioned that he returned. So much to our supposed news organizations keeping us informed with the facts.